Diet Plans: Which Are Worth Trying?

With the start of a new year, at least every person has ‘weight loss’ as a goal in their list. Women, most of all, are very conscious about losing their weight and getting fit. However, many of the diets which people try end up being fad diets. Fad diets are those diets which help you lose weight rapidly but as soon as the diet ends, you end up gaining all that weight back in a few days. Which is why they aren’t reliable.

However, here are a few diets which are worth a try:

1. Whole30 Diet

This diet is extremely worth the try. This is because, for at least 30 days, the only foods you will be allowed to eat are vegetables, fruits and protein. Things like alcohol, dairy and refined sugars are cut out of your diet. You can find the whole guide plan of this diet on Amazon.

2. Macrobiotic Diet

This diet originally originated from Japan. The type of foods incorporated in this diet are mainly vegetables, fruits and some fish every now and then. This type of diet is great for people with heart diseases and diabetes.

3. Ketogenic Diet

This diet does not only help you lose weight, it is also known to help combat mental illnesses such as ADHD and depression. This diet consists mainly of lots of fish, vegetables, a few high carbohydrate foods and natural fats.

4. Wild Diet

The wild diet derives its concepts and ideas from the nomadic time when processed foods were not available. This diet encourages people to ditch every processed and junk food and to eat only raw and fresh organic ingredients.

5. Taco Cleanse

The taco cleanse may sound unhealthy. However it is not. This is because you can put almost any ingredient in a taco: meat mince, vegetables, or even fruits. However, all of your ingredients need to be homemade. This diet lasts for 30 days. However even following this diet for a week can be okay as well.

6. Dissociated Diet

This diet involves dissociating acidic foods like meat and dairy from alkaline foods like legumesand vegetables. The reason for this is that it makes it easy for the digestive system to process the food, hence helping to lose weight (Or you can try HCG Diet).

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