Maintaining a Healthy Balance: Estrogen and Testosterone in Women

Contrary to popular belief, estrogen is present not just in women and testosterone is present not just in men. For a person to have a healthy body, he or she has to have both hormones present. The difference between men and women however is in the amount of each type of hormone they have. Men have more testosterone and women have more estrogen.

When a woman has a surge in testosterone levels, she will experience a multitude of problems that include hair loss, irregular periods, unwanted hair growth, and weight gain. Other side effects of too much testosterone in a woman’s system are aggressive behavior and the emergence of acne.

Another problem women may face when they are experiencing hyperandrogenism is virilization. This is when she finds herself developing male-like features and tendencies. This can include the enlargement of the clitoris, muscles that are like those seen in men, and breast atrophy. A woman can also suffer from a heightened libido and the lowering of their voice when they have an excessive amount of testosterone in their blood.

On the flip side, when a woman has too much estrogen, she will also go through a number of health issues. Called estrogen dominance, women who have a lot of estrogen in their bodies will go through PMS-like symptoms. These include feeling bloated, being emotional, headaches, tender and swollen breasts, and weight gain. The unhealthy increase in estrogen levels is often blamed on low progesterone levels, which occurs when a woman is entering her menopausal years.

Also a problem in the hormonal imbalance landscape is the lowering of these hormones to an unhealthy level. Lower estrogen levels will bring about symptoms similar to those during menopause, such as night sweats, hot flashes, depression, vaginal dryness, and mood swings. Low testosterone levels, on the other hand, can bring about feelings of weakness and lack of strength, as well as loss of muscle mass and low libido.

Balancing Both Hormones for a Healthy Body

This is why it is important that you maintain a healthy balance of both testosterone and estrogen in your body. Apart from not having to suffer through these symptoms, having balanced hormones will help you live a healthy existence. In order to restore balance to the levels of such hormones however, you first need to find out which hormones are too high or too low. This will require a visit to your doctor and some tests.

Tests are needed because some symptoms for both estrogen and testosterone imbalances are similar, and you might try the wrong kind of treatment for what you are experiencing. Once it is determined which hormone is causing your health woes, your doctor can begin giving you the kind of treatments and therapies for it.



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